Spinifex Brewing Co.

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SPINIFEX BREWING CO. will generously donate 50% per cent of the profits from sales of their F88 Premium Lager in South Australia to Walk for a Veteran Inc.


SPINIFEX BREWING CO. is a dynamic new player name in the Craft Beer industry. SPINIFEX BREWING CO is an Aboriginal and Veteran owned WA Brewery company producing beers flavored by native botanicals unique to Australia.


SPINIFEX established the F88 range of beers; sourcing the name from the Australian Army issued rifle, SPINIFEX is a world first initiative aimed at raising funds to support our returned service men and women. Soldiers, Sailors and Aviators love a beer with their mates so what better way to support those that have served before you than by purchasing a smooth thirst crushing lager.


The F88 Campaign is dedicated to the memory of SIG Geoffrey GREGG (Afghanistan) who sadly took his life 23rd September 2006 because of his severe PTSD, and is the inspiration behind the campaign.


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A Walk for A Veteran Inc are thrilled to have SPINIFEX BREWING CO. making the trip from WA in August 2021 to be part of the 2021 SmartBar Walk for a Veteran with PTSD in the Adelaide Hills. SPINIFEX will operate their full mobile bar facility with the full range of beers available. 50% of profit from SPINIFEX F88 Premium Lager sales at the event will be donated to the charity.

Spinifex Brewing Co. CEO Adam Barnard himself an Army veteran said, “Our business was founded in part to support Veterans, and we are so proud to be able to join forces with Walk for a Veteran Inc. as our South Australian partner to ensure this event raises much needed awareness and funds.”


In SA SPINIFEX’S F88 Premium Lager can be bought via palsliquor.com.au, at Parafield Airport, Woodside Hotel,  Challa Gardens Hotel and at many RSL clubs and hotels in SA. Ask your local to start stocking SPINIFEX BREWING CO. F88 Premier Lager to help support our veterans.

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